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Our Patent Pending System is revolutionizing the healthcare billing industry.

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We help providers save as much as 85% and simplify healthcare billing.

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We help patients save time by paying bills from multiple providers in one place.

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My Medical Invoices Billing Service Company

My Medical Invoices is a healthcare billing Service Company like no other, and our mission is to make medical billing more cost effective for healthcare providers, and to make life easier for patients by giving them the ability to find and pay bills from multiple healthcare providers in one place. We have reinvented how healthcare billing is done and are helping to resurrect the image of the healthcare billing industry, as our service works in the best interest of both the healthcare providers and the patients.

My Medical Invoices provides a platform for patients to create an account for free with no obligation or commitment of any type, which allows them to view or pay their medical bills 24/7, as our website is always open for business, opposed to other options that are only available during select hours. Patients will be able to find and pay their medical bills from multiple healthcare providers in one place, eliminating the burden of having to search for bills in multiple places which will produce a higher rate of collection. Our service gives healthcare providers and patients the freedom to use our service anywhere, as they can access it with a computer, phone, tablet, anywhere they have access to the Internet.

Today there are three ways in which healthcare providers collect money: in-house collections, outsource to traditional medical collections companies, or use high risk debt collectors. All these methods are old and outdated; My Medical Invoices offers a new modern and cost-effective approach to meet the needs of the changing world.

Our service greatly reduces the cost that healthcare providers incur when collecting receivables themselves. We provide an API interface to allow healthcare providers to send bills directly to our system automatically and electronically, which will save the healthcare providers time and money by eliminating labor, office equipment, and supply costs. Our fees are less than any other healthcare billing option, and can substantially reduce your costs. My Medical Invoices can reduce collection costs by 75% compared to in-house collections. Compared to traditional medical billing services that charge fees ranging anywhere from 5% to 10% to collect receivables, using our service will result in a 40% to 70% savings to the healthcare provider compared to other medical billing services. Some healthcare providers are selling their more difficult receivables to debt collectors for as little as 10% to 15% of the original invoice amounts, and we can reduce that cost by up to 85%. Not to mention, debt collectors can be aggressive and give healthcare providers a bad reputation.

If you would like to learn more about My Medical Invoices please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and how we can help.

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