My Medical Invoices FAQ

Q.  What is the My Medical Invoices service?
A.  The My Medical Invoices revolutionary service is based on a patent pending application, that is disrupting the healthcare billing industry, and it benefits both the provider and the patient.

Q.  Can My Medical Invoices lower billing costs for healthcare providers?
A.  Yes, My Medical Invoices helps healthcare providers to substantially lower their billing costs, as our fees are much less expensive than any other billing option.

Q.  How easy is it for healthcare providers to get started with My Medical Invoices?
A.  It is very easy, as we charge Zero Setup Costs, and provide an API to connect to our servers.

Q.  Can a healthcare provider not only save money, but also get paid faster with My Medical Invoices?
A.  Yes, My Medical Invoices provides Real-Time Disbursements that are sent directly to the bank account of the healthcare provide immediately upon receipt of a patient's payment.

Q.  How does My Medical Invoices make it easier for patients to pay their medical bills?
A.  My Medical Invoices helps patients save the time and hassle of locating and paying multiple medical bills from multiple providers in one place.

Q.  How much does it cost for patients to use My Medical Invoices service?
A.  My Medical Invoices service is 100% FREE to use for all patients.

Q.  How does My Medical Invoices keep my personal information safe and secure?
A.  My Medical Invoices is HIPAA Compliant and uses best practices to secure and keep your personal information safe, including firewall protection, SSL encryption of data transmitted to our servers, and all data stored is encrypted.

If your healthcare Provider is not currently using our service, please let us know:       Recommend Provider