How Our Sevice Benefits Patients

Patient Benefits

My Medical Invoices provides a platform for patients to search for and pay their medical bills 24/7, as our website is always open and available to make payments, opposed to other options that are only available during select hours. Patients can find and pay their medical bills from multiple healthcare providers in one place, eliminating the burden of having to search for bills in multiple places.

Our service is 100% FREE for patients to use, and will also save patients the time and hassle of locating bills from multiple providers.

With our application patients can View, Print and Pay bills from multiple healthcare providers.

Our software is safe and secure, using the most in depth HIPAA Compliant practices, to make sure that your information is safe and protected.

My Medical Invoices is revolutionizing and shaping the future of the healthcare billing industry, and if your healthcare provider is not currently using our service, please Contact Us so that we can help them move in to the future.

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